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Instructional descriptions, tips, and videos on the art of canoeing, for the beginners as well as experienced paddlers.

Video Teaching Series Presented by

monkeysee has free instructional videos available on the subject of canoes and canoeing.  The series of videos listed below are only but a few.  These videos cover everything from the very basics to detailed topics.

Canoeing - Entering and Exiting
Canoeing - Forward Stroke
Canoeing - Sweep Stroke
Canoeing - Reverse Stroke
Canoeing - Parts of the Solo Canoe
Canoeing - Operating a Solo Canoe

Other Interesting Sources

Reading The Water
Article copyright Menasha Ridge Press. All rights reserved.
A discussion of the factors influencing water flow.  When traveling down an unknown river, every boater ought to know how to spot rapids and falls so that they can navigated as required.

Paddle Strokes Page 1
Article copyright Menasha Ridge Press. All rights reserved.
Nice, if not lengthy, descriptions of various canoe paddling strokes.  Here's where to start for the classic strokes we all know and love.

Paddle Strokes Page 2
The J-Stroke of course, but ever hear of the Indian Stroke and Box-Stroke Pivot?  Well neither had we until collecting this bit of info.  Here's where we'll try and pass on the more obscure canoe strokes to go out and try.