Boat Inspections are now Required on many local waters, and access to others is now prohibited.  Read this for more information

There have been recent Mussel discoveries in California.
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We are a group of active open boat paddlers, based in the San Jose, California area.  However, we have members from much of the surrounding bay area as well.

We include a wide variety of paddling interests.  Some club members enjoy calm estuaries, lakes and reservoirs, while others enjoy wild white water rivers.

Our Club's Purpose:

  • Promote the sport of canoeing

  • Maintain a safe and enjoyable experience

  • Share our knowledge of places to paddle

  • Share canoeing tips and techniques

  • and most of all...GO PADDLING !

If you are not a member, we cordially invite you to attend our meetings to check us out, and then join the club.  For more information concerning our meeting dates and locations, look Here.

See you on the river !!!