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This page is dedicated to the art of tying knots. Most of them are quite commonly used aboard or related to the sea - fishing and that sort of thing. All the knots are animated and hence move by themselves, showing you how they are constructed. If more information is required on these knots, The Ashley Book of Knots by Clifford Ashley is a great source of information.

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Bowline knot Double loop bowline Anglers loop Anglers knot
Bowline - loop knot Double loop bowline Angler's loop The Angler's knot
Sailor's knot Figure of eight Clove hitch Clove hitch - loop method
Sailor's knot Figure of Eight stopper Clove Hitch Another Clove Hitch
Rolling hitch Sheet bend Sheepshank Cleat
Rolling Hitch Sheet Bend
(single & double)
Sheepshank Making fast to a cleat
Reef knot Anchor hitch Rope splice Eye splice
Reef Anchor Hitch Splice Eye Splice
  Tie Windsor tie  
  Tie - Common Tie - Windsor  
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