Western Waters Canoe Club
We are an organization dedicated to: furthering the art and sport of canoeing; protecting, restoring and securing access to California  water bodies; and promoting clean, free flowing rivers.  The Club provides its members with opportunities to learn and experience canoeing, to organize and conduct canoe events and to enjoy the wonders of this marvelous craft while paddling the waterways of America.
WWCC Bylaws
The official WWCC Bylaws can be found here.
Club's Board Of Directors:
 - Larry Johmann
 - Jill Dodsworth (and Club "Mom")
 - Kathy Thurston
 - Chuck Thurston
General Information About The WWCC
The WWCC is a group of open boat paddlers primarily from the San Francisco Bay Area with a wide variety of paddling interests and skill levels.  Some club members enjoy paddling calm lakes or estuaries while bird watching, enjoying the  wildlife or canoe fishing. Others enjoy moving water- from floating down small moving streams to paddling raging white water rivers.  Then there are those who prefer canoe camping or exploring new waterways.  Members of the club have paddled rivers from Maine to California and Canada to Costa Rica.  Examples of some of the club's larger trips include extended trips on rivers such as the Rouge, Missouri, Green, Selway, Owahee, Rio Grande, and Colorado (through the Grand Canyon).

The Club was founded in 1988 and is based in San Jose, CA.  As a club we do not rent boats or officially give lessons. Some club members however, are American Canoe Association (ACA) Certified Instructors or Rescue 3 International Certified Swift Water Rescue Technicians and volunteer to provide lessons to fellow club members on canoe and water recreational safety, flat, moving and white water paddling, canoe rolling etc.

The Club participates as a member in the Santa Clara Basin's Watershed Management Initiative (WMI), one of two pilot programs in the State.  The WMI is chartered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Water Resources Control Board to address and improve conditions of our water bodies as well as their designated beneficial uses.  As a WMI Core Group member and signer of the WMI Signatory Document, the club advocates sound environmental waterway and watershed management practices.  The Club has also adopted a section of the Guadalupe River and sponsors clean up's on the Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek as well as other local water bodies.